About KI Religious School

We cultivate a deep love of Judaism, strong fluency in prayer, and an excitement around holidays, mitzvot, culture, and community. Our school, known as KIRS (KI’s Religious School), meets on Shabbat mornings as well as Monday and Thursday afternoons.

Our commitment to Shabbat comes from the desire to teach our children what it means to celebrate Shabbat together as a community, rather than just learning about it on other days of the week.

A registration form is available at the end of this page.

The KIRS schedule is as follows:

  • Hebrew Block (for Kindergarten—5th grades): 3-4 pm and/or 5-6 pm
  • Judaics: 4-5 pm
  • Kindergarten / First grade: Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings
  • Second through Fifth grades: Monday and Thursday afternoons, & Saturday mornings
  • Sixth and Seventh grades: Thursday evenings (5-7:30pm, including evening minyan), Saturday mornings


  • K/1 yearly tuition: $800 (+$440 for non-members)
  • Grades 2-5 yearly tuition: $1452 (+$440 for non-members)
  • 6/7 yearly tuition: $1270 (+$440 for non-members)
  • Flex Hours Mondays and/or Thursdays we offer a small group multi-age individualized program
    • Option 1) 4:00-6:00 pm (additional $200)
    • Option 2) 5:00 – 6:00 pm for additional Hebrew or Judaics (additional $300 for each day)

Questions? Please email Eric Greene, Interim Director of Congregation Learning, at eric@congki.org

Religious School Goals

Judaism: Love of Being Jewish

  • To develop an appreciation of Judaism and a sense of pride in being Jewish by providing a positive, experiential atmosphere for learning prayers, holidays, and history using project based learning and the arts.

Mitzvot: Living a Jewish Life

  • To engage with God, Torah, and mitzvot & incorporate them into our lives in meaningful ways.

T’filla: Prayer

  • To develop synagogue competence and confidence, including understanding the structure and meaning of Jewish prayer and the ability to participate in tefila.

K’lal Yisrael: Land, People, State of Israel

  • To develop an appreciation and identification with Klal Yisrael and to foster a sense of community with Jews in Israel and around the world.  To act towards all people with compassion and sensitivity.

Tikkun Olam: Repairing the World

  • To develop of sense of Jewish responsibility towards all people throughout the world through tzedakah (act of justice) and gemilut chasadim (acts of loving-kindness).

Weekly Shabbat Tefila

Fifty-two shabbatot a year KI proudly offers a variety of children’s services that cultivate a relationship to tefila (prayer), G-d, and Torah.  Our tefila experiences foster spiritual development – an awareness of wonder and awe in our world and tefila skills through multiple modalities.  We welcome all children to our tefila communities.

In collaboration with the 384 Youth Education committee (representatives from KI, Washington Square Minyan, Congregation Mishkan Tefila, Minyan Kol Rinah, and Minyan Shaleym), this year we are increasing our tefila choices.  All options welcome children from all these groups.

Together, we build a sacred community which supports lifelong Jewish learning and living. We hope that through peer-to-peer engagement, our children will have a positive, participatory tefila experience.


  • Children ages newborn through 4 years and their families
  • 10:45 am – 11:30 am
  • Families are welcome to pray together through song and dance. Storytime and Parshat HaShavua are also included. Babysitters are welcome.

Mini Minyan

  • Children ages 5-7 with parent or caregiver*drop-off option available
  • 10:30 am – 11:30 am
  • The tefila includes lively singing, movement, and child participation.  Storytime and Parshat HaShavua are also included.

Junior Congregation

  • Children ages 8-12
  • 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
  • Children learn the tefila and are encouraged to become tefila leaders. Children discuss Parshat HaShavua and learn how to navigate the siddur. When our partner Washington Square Minyan is here, Junior Congregation is peer-oriented.

Jewish Experience Center Enrichment Program

We are developing a new two day a week Jewish Experience Center at 384 Harvard St.  Our Jewish infused enrichment program has offerings for children from kindergarten to 5th grades. Details forthcoming.

The JEC programming reflects exploration and project-based learning while maximizing the resources in our vibrant neighborhood and building community with a multi-age group of children. Our offerings will include a STEAM option led by Congregation Mishkan Tefila, Jewish arts, Israeli dance led by Center Makor and more.

B’nai Mitzvah Seminar

Families of students becoming bar/bat mitzvah will spend the time leading up to their b’nai mitzvah clarifying values, learning and volunteering together, and engaging in a wide range of Jewish learning experiences. Contact bnaimitzvah@congki.org.

Tours, Questions & Registration

If you would like a tour of the school or more information, please contact Eric Greene eric@congki.org