We have begun Phase 1 of our exciting KI Next initiative – restoration and repair of the exterior and roof of our Sanctuary building!

All sections of both buildings will be accessible at all times – here’s what you need to know:

Beginning at 7am Monday, March 21, scaffolding will be going up around the Sanctuary building.

  • Fencing will surround the Sanctuary building (where the KI Main Office and the KIRS  classrooms are located).
  • Door to the Chapel Lobby/Main Office will not be accessible for a few days.
  • Courtyard between the two buildings will be closed, and no pedestrians or vehicles will  be able to access KI through the courtyard.
  • While the builders are putting up the scaffolding, the pathway from Harvard Street to  the Main Office door will be closed.
  • After the scaffolding is complete (roughly one to two weeks after work begins), there will  be a safe covered walkway between Harvard Street and the Main Office door.

How will I get in to the Sanctuary Building for Shabbat Services?

On Shabbat, the doors to the Epstein building will always be open.

How will I get in to the Sanctuary Building during the Week (Main Office, KIRS classrooms, Chapel)?

Beginning March 21: Use the Williams Street entrance, around the corner from the big stone steps leading into Epstein Hall (corner of Williams and Harvard Streets). Go up one flight of stairs, walk down the hall past Epstein and the Sanctuary, then down the stairs, past Landers and the Chapel, then upstairs to the office or classrooms. There will be signs posted in case you get lost or confused!

Once protective fencing is up and scaffolding construction is underway: Walk through the garden, past the playground, and down the steps to the door, or down the path from the Fuller St. parking lot, down the steps to the door.

  • If you cannot manage stairs, call the Main Office at  617-277-9155 and someone will assist you.

After the scaffolding is fully erected (April 4 and thereafter):  There will be a safe, covered walkway down the path that currently exists between the sidewalk and the door.