Jew by Choice?

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If you are a Jew by Choice, KI welcomes you with a whole heart.  You will find many other congregants who have made the same journey….including a quarter of our current Board of Directors.

KI offers you opportunities to continue on your Jewish journey, from a Learner’s Minyan to in-depth one-on-one Talmud study.  We welcome you to our family!

If you’re considering conversion, at KI you’re hardly alone. Each year some 20 seekers begin their journey toward deeper understanding and fresh experiences guided by one of our rabbis and our encouraging community. To take the first step, please email me.

Journeys span several months to a year and feature three essential components: learning, experiencing, and committing.

Once a candidate is ready, she or he goes through a halachic (strictly according to Jewish law) conversion and is forever more embraced as a full member of the Jewish people.