Library of Gratitude 2018


Dear Members of our KI Family,

We hope you will enjoy this gift, compliments of your KI community.  Our annual practice of presenting an exceptional book to our entire membership, what we call our Library of Gratitude, (Sifriat Todah) is designed to enrich the inner lives of our members.  This year’s selection Sage Advice by Rabbi Yitz Greenberg is very timely.

We live in challenging and tumultuous times.  Reclaiming our core values of decency, integrity, and the virtue of learning feel particularly important these days.  There is no better Jewish source for these values than Pirke Avot and Rabbi Greenberg’s fresh translation and commentary brings them to life in compelling ways.

We look forward to learning from this volume’s content throughout this exciting year of our transition back into our refurbished facilities.  We sincerely hope that, in so doing, it will help us to refurnish our own inner lives.  We hope you will join us for a special Shabbat weekend, November 16-18, when we will host Rabbi Yitz Greenberg and his wife Blu in our community.

Also enclosed is a very gracious personal note to our Congregation by Rabbi Greenberg in honor of this year’s Library of Gratitude selection.

Kehillath Israel strives to be a different kind of community – one wherein everybody grows.  We seek experiences that nurture deeper connections and content in the pursuit of principled cause.  We hope this volume will inspire all three of these things.  May it help to instill fresh appreciation for our historic return to our ancestral home.  And may this, in turn, help the Jewish People elevate to our vocation to strive to generate goodness in today’s world.

Most gratefully,

Rabbi William Hamilton                             David Williams
Mara D’atra                                                    President