KI Next’s primary goal is to develop and sustain fresh and inspirational Jewish programs that will build Jewish identity, promote Jewish learning and literacy, and increase overall engagement with Israel and the wider Jewish community.

Early Childhood

Nearly half a century ago, KI pioneered early childhood education by being among the first synagogues to open a pre-school—and did it without requiring synagogue membership. Our Goldberg Preschool continues to adapt and expand, particularly in Hebrew language instruction. Along with expanded Hebrew Play classes and enriching Shabbat programming that includes Nitzanim (age 0 to 4), Mini-Minyan (Kindergarden & First Grade), Junior Congregation (Grades 2-6) and CuddleUp Shabbat, KI is committed to providing early-childhood communal life for generations to come.

Family Shul

Whether children are enrolled in our congregational school or our day schools, learning is for the entire family. Along with our special Shabbat services for all ages, KI brings families into the heart of our Shabbat morning sanctuary experience for seasonal Family Shul Saturdays to lead prayers, read Torah and Haftorah and to share teachings. By involving the entire family, we are able to
emphasize the importance and centrality of Shabbat worship to the entire family.


KI’s first century featured a period of unrivaled vitality (1940s-1960s) for teens, where role models were plentiful and peers encouraged Jewish commitment and entry into professional leadership. As we enter our second century, we are re-emphasizing the vital period of life between B’nei Mitzvah age and College to provide a greater focus on Shabbat community, contact with millennial role models, and justice work in and around the community.

Young Professionals

KI is uniquely situated to serve as a meaningful gathering place for young professionals seeking to reconnect to Judaism and Shabbat. In the Spring of 2010, KI spearheaded KICKS, the award-winning KI Community Kabbalat Shabbat program, which brings many young adults together every Friday night for spirited davenning, dining, and singing. In the future we will expand our meaningful Shabbat experience with a capella music, food, gathering, and learning to create an elevated and refreshing Friday night program.


KI embraces keva learning groups in conjunction with CJP and actively promotes ways for our members to engage in regular text-based learning. Setting aside consistent time for Jewish learning that fits into the rhythms of their week is a high priority. In the future we plan to build upon the 40+ individuals currently engaged in bi-weekly learning with a study-partner (hevruta) to provide rich personal growth for many throughout our community for years to come.

Senior Life

One of the most compelling dimensions of our multi-generational campus will be the many new opportunities for growth, inspiration and education for our seniors. In collaboration with the Town of Brookline, Hebrew Senior Life, and our anchor partner JCHE, we will be able to bring an entirely new dynamism to senior life. Beyond conventional multi-generational connections between seniors and our preschoolers, KI will be uniquely positioned to link our millennials with the seniors’ wisdom and life experience as well as providing in-depth daytime learning and worship.