Message from the President of KI’s Board of Trustees, David E. Williams

January 19, 2016

RE: KI Next Update – Approval of Phase I Construction

To my fellow members of the KI community,

I am pleased to share exciting and historic news. On Monday, January 11, 2016, KI’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve Phase I of construction in support of our community’s KI Next project. Phase I includes the restoration of the sanctuary/main building’s exterior masonry, as well as necessary roof work.

This work is scheduled to begin this April and is scheduled for completion by Thanksgiving.

Your Board of Trustees has worked closely with the KI Next Steering Committee in ensuring that the plans for KI’s 2nd century are visionary yet responsible, aspirational yet realistic, and rooted in a desire to create a model for 21st century urban Judaism that serves our KI community and the broader Boston Jewish community.

KI Next represents our community’s once-in-a-generation opportunity to restore and renew our beloved space, with an eye towards the future. This is our community’s strong response to the need to innovate while remaining true to our core at KI. Our response is robust and reflects the strength and warmth of our KI community.

And while I am pleased to announce the approval of Phase I of our KI Next project, you should know that we still have work ahead. Before KI’s Board of Trustees can approve Phase II of the KI Next Project – which will include the interior work, as well as the social hall addition – we need your support. We have already raised ~$9.75 million from 163 current members at KI. This is a humbling and inspiring accomplishment. However, we need to secure a minimum of $12 million in pledged commitments before our Board can responsibly approve Phase II of KI Next.

To accomplish our goals and realize our vision, we are seeking 100% participation from the KI community. Your fellow members have stretched in making 5-year pledges to KI Next; many of these members have stretched to make their single largest donations in support of our beloved community.

An upcoming FAQ document will likely address many of your questions. We’ll update our KI Next site with this FAQ document as soon as possible. I also welcome additional questions, feedback, and offers to help in the volunteer effort. Please feel free to contact me directly at or (617) 731-3182.

Yours truly,

David E. Williams