Teen Opportunities

We are excited to offer social, educational, and engaging opportunities for teens in our community. Read below for more information on our teen-focused staff, as well as details on special events, our B’nai Mitzvah Seminar, and the Volunteering program with our partner organization, Yachad.


CTI (Campus Teen Initiative) enables teens on the 384 Harvard Street Campus to connect with each other and with the Campus community. CTI empowers teens to take a leadership role in putting together and participating in programs that enable them to connect Jewishly, socially, and educationally.

  • Junior CTI consists of middle schoolers in grades 6-8
  • Senior CTI consists of high schoolers, in grades 9-12
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B’nai Mitzvah Seminar

Families of students becoming bar/bat mitzvah will spend the year learning and volunteering together, clarifying values and engaging in a wide range of Jewish experiences. For more information on the seminar and on KI’s Religious School, which helps prepare students for their b’nai mitzvah, please contact the main office.

Volunteering with Yachad

Yachad KI Social GroupYachad is part of the National Jewish Council for Disabilities.  The New England regional office is housed at KI. We host fun social and recreational activities several times a month, like bowling, mini golf, trampolining, going to sports events and concerts. At KI on Wednesday evenings once a month we hold a social club, where local high school students hang out and have dinner and play games with teens with disabilities.

Younger teens (grades 6-8) are very welcome to be peer participants at out children’s activities including a program we are starting with BIG (Brookline and Interactive Group) to learn media production, photo journalism, and making music videos. JOIN US #BecauseEveryoneBelongs!

For more information on activities at KI contact:  NewEnglandYachad@ou.org or call Liz Offen at 646-628-7003.